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Apartment remodelling
VIenna 8

A spacious apartment dating to the Gründerzeit period was to be adapted to the two inhabitants’ changed needs.
Because the apartment was in good condition to start with, this commission involved a small number of well-defined interventions to fulfil the clients’ desire for more storage space, extended vistas and more comfort. In terms of typology, the apartment consists of living spaces oriented to the street and auxiliary spaces oriented to the garden courtyard. The crucial intervention was to cloak the auxiliary spaces – accommodating a variety of compartmentalized functions – in a structuring layer. The effect of the light-toned, glossy surface and its corresponding reflections makes the space appear larger still, particularly in the hallway. At the threshold to the study, a satinised glass sliding door was introduced which, when the door is open, disappears in the new cloaking layer. By creating a niche at the pivot point to the vestibule, the narrow hallway is shortened visually.
The bathroom was rearranged in order to meet the users’ high standards. The window facing onto a narrow light-well was masked with a backlit photograph, transforming a space which had been unsatisfactorily lit into one with a pleasing atmosphere.

Client: anonymous
Net area: 162 m2
Planung: Architektin Irmgard Frank
Assistant: DI Christoph Haas
Start of planning: March 2007
Construction: June/July 2007
Photo: Pez Hejduk