Apartment remodelling
Vienna 9

Starting with an apartment consisting of a hallway, kitchen, bathroom and two main rooms, built in the 1950s and now subject to general renovation, the aim was to confer a generous spatial quality with maximally elongated lines of sight. This was achieved by combining the bathroom and kitchen into a freestanding cuboid. The exterior of the cuboid is smartly finished in white, whilst the interior / bathroom and the alcoves / kitchen module are decorated a rich dark blue. A similar formula is applied to the wardrobe module. A translucent sliding door facing the window protects the bathroom area from external view whilst at the same time admitting sufficient light. The bedroom area can be partitioned off by means of matt white painted, opaque sliding doors. These match the gloss white painted sliding doors of the wardrobe.

Client: Eva Afuhs
Floor area: 64m2
Planning: Architekten Frank und Erschen
Start of planning: June 2003
Construction: August/September 2003
Photo: Margherita Spiluttini