Remodelling of Forster Optik
Wieselburg, Lower Austria

Urban context

The Forster Optik optician’s shop is located in a 19th century ensemble that accommodates specialised retail stores. This part of town is characterised by a continuous flow of traffic. Our proposal for the façade is a response to such circumstances. A perforated metal panel extending across the entire upper floor achieves a distancing effect. This takes up and transforms the theme of an eye test. At ground level, widely spaced displays offer a clear line of sight deep into the interior of the shop. These display areas can be stocked inside and excite the curiosity of passers-by.

Spatial concept

The originally restricted space on the ground floor is resolved by access to the upper floor. Free space and the position of the staircase draw the eye upward. On the ground floor, the main features are the display of spectacle frames along with reception, whilst the upper floor is essentially for all aspects of customer service. A wall in orange displaying a colour vision test pattern connects the two main levels. An altogether inviting atmosphere is created by the sand-coloured stone floor and furniture made of light bamboo, enhanced by the tactile orange Alcantara walls.

Spectacle frame display

The display of frames is the result of a development work for the other shop in Scheibbs. The new style features a more distinct separation between the rows on the individual shelves. The walls are covered with orange Alcantara. Both floors feature whole-body mirrors at strategic points.

Client: Forster Optik
Floor area: 230m²
Planning: Architekten Frank und Erschen
Staff: DI Christoph Haas
Light consultant: Christian Ploderer
Planning: December 2004
Construction: June 2005 – September 1st 2005
Photo: Margherita Spiluttini