Remodelling of Forster Optik
Waidhofen an der Ybbs, Lower Austria

Urban planning context

The shop is located at the lower town square of Waidhofen. The existing openings were retained, with some emphasis conferred through indirect lighting only. The passage, in which there is a long window display accessible from outside, was rendered more attractive by means of indirect lighting.

Spatial concept and material selection

The sales area, laterally disposed as seen from the entrance, was given a centre in the form of a customer service island. This is where sales and assistance positions are centralised. Along the walls are the spectacle frame displays, framing the room in the form of two L-shaped corner arrangements. Towards the rear are service areas including the optometry room, pre-screening and workshop. A waiting area before pre-screening also offers a good view into the workshop.

The spectacle frame display follows the proven model of Scheibbs and Wieselburg. Display units standing protruding from the surface present branded items from the selection. Free-standing, moveable, elevated tables with mirrors are the focal points for more detailed selection of frames.

The floor of dark smoked oak continues through the customer service island and frame of the long display window. The latter almost appear to grow out of the floor. The walls of the frame display are lined with ochre felt.

Client: Forster Optik
Floor area: 119,43m²
Planning: Architektin Irmgard Frank
Staff: DI Christoph Haas, DI Martina Kögl
Planning: January 2006
Start of planning: August – September 2006
Photo: Margherita Spiluttini