Remodelling of Forster Optik
Scheibbs, Lower Austria

The recessed entrance coalesces with the spatial continuity of the pedestrian zone. Forster Optik is arranged in two zones: salesroom and professional services.

Seen from the entry the elongated salesroom is on the left, the service area on the right. At the end of the salesroom there is an enclosed room for hearing tests, as well as a slightly elevated room at back in which children’s eyeglasses are displayed. A band guiding customers into the depth of the shop – a backlit screen-print wall – is the defining spatial element. The eyeglasses are integrated in this wall; they are organized horizontally and presented in a custom-designed shelf system made of satinised acrylic glass.

Deflectors bearing the manufacturers’ logos enhance this system, as do the rhythmically mounted swivel mirrors. The graphic design of the screen-print wall is derived from the firm’s new corporate design. It takes up themes central to the sense of sight: proximity and distance, as well as the states of being in focus or blurred.

Client: Forster Optik
Floor area: 350 m²
Planning: Architekten Frank and Erschen
Graphic design concept: Bohatsch Visual Communication GmbH, Vienna
Start of planning: September 2002
Construction: December 2002 – March 2003
Photo: Margherita Spiluttini