Restaurant Sitzwohl in der Gilmschule
Stadtforum Innsbruck, Tirol

Architectural aims

Replace missing link to context
Allow familiar elements to realise their effect in a transformed form
Create an atmosphere by means of materials, colour composition and light

Perception in urban setting

The Bar_Lounge draws attention to itself by virtue of a subtle alteration of the windows that achieves improved visibility between the interior and exterior. The bay windows emerge from the façade and create opportunities to view and communicate with the street scene. The Restaurant Sitzwohl signage, practically in the form of individual letters, is laid on the hanging cornice above the elevated ground floor.


The Bar_Lounge is subdivided into three zones: an extended bar terminating at a large standing table, “rest on the rocks” and a lounge. The bar, with accompanying lighting element, serves as a spatially connective element. The “rest on the rocks”, with tables and stools at bar height, invites guests to enjoy a quick lunch. In the room, lighting units reminiscent of birds’ wings hang overhead. The large standing table, forming part of the bar, serves as a communication hub with the character of a regulars’ haunt. With its view onto the Japanese garden and large mural photograph, the lounge achieves a peaceful, relaxed atmosphere.


The dining area is architecturally treated as a continuous space, its structure conferred by the existing extension known as the ‘chimney loggia’. Two columns separated from it carry the service units and, together with the disguised beams, serve to frame the glazed frontage. Behind a second addition extending into the dining area are the counter and connected kitchen. In addition, on one side of the dining area is an alcove with seating. Moveable illuminated shapes, called amber lights, serve to separate groups of guests and draw attention towards the middle of the room and away from its boundaries.

Client: BTV Bank für Tirol und Vorarlberg
Floor area: Bar_Lounge und Restaurant 251,95m²,
Kitchen and counter 51,91m²
Planning: Architektin Irmgard Frank
Staff: DI Christoph Haas, Michael Manigatterer,
DI Tilo Perkmann
Construction management on site: Klaus Schmücking
Visual design: Bohatsch Visual Communication
Completion: Jänner 2007
Photo: Pez Hejduk