Restaurant Limes
Vienna 1

Urban situation

A traffic island with the “Vermählungssäule” -monument runs centrally and longitudinally and divides the Hoher Markt square into a traffic conduit to the southwest and a side road and parking area to the northeast.

This is the location of the Ankerhaus building. Close and to the left of the main entrance to the building one enters the restaurant, an L-shaped, generously-sized room with its smaller section oriented towards Hoher Markt square, whilst the larger and highly elongated section lies next to Judengasse lane.


Our idea was the creation of a restaurant that would serve as an island for brief relaxation, not only for those working in the Ankerhaus but just as much for residents and tourists. Guests enjoying a culinary treat here should also experience an atmosphere of relaxation. This interior atmosphere has something of the character of an orangery, figuratively speaking. Guests should be able to recharge their batteries, even when the weather is foul or the stay altogether brief. A dark green stone floor and furniture in Zebrano wood harmonise with a mural in shades of green. Brilliant illumination exploits accentuations that react to the time of day and weather. A section of the room can be partitioned off with airy textile walls. Seen from outside this section gives the impression of a softly shining body.

Stroll through the restaurant

If one enters the restaurant from the direction of Hoher Markt, first one ducks through a dark green glazed porch and then one’s eyes light upon a wall designed with abstract plant-related forms. The latter constitutes the backbone of the restaurant. The scale of the mural and its transformation leave scope for new interpretations, maintaining fascination both with the whole and in the details.

Guests in a hurry can serve themselves from the take-away display area right before them, nestle down in an armchair with a coffee and one of the newspapers provided, have a drink at the bar or take a seat at the long and altogether sociable brasserie table. The restaurant area is located in front of the kitchen. A window, running at eye level across the entire width of the kitchen wall, offers a view into the latter. Immediately to the left after the internal staff entrance is a generously proportioned seating area that can also be used for business meetings for larger groups.

Client: Helvetia Versicherungen AG und
HCF Gastronomie GmbH
Floor area for guests: 250m²
Planning: Architekten Frank und Erschen
Staff: DI Christoph Haas, DI Martina Kögl
Wall design: Bohatsch Visual Communication
Light consultant: Christian Ploderer
Completion: September 2005
Photo: Margherita Spiluttini