Restaurant CulinariC
Jöss, Styria

Concept and atmosphere

The CulinariC café-restaurant is located in the newly constructed Glyzinienhof at the entrance to Eybesfeld palace park. Strong design influences therefore arose from the juxtaposition of rural versus urban, primal versus cultivated. This also fits in with the intention to present wine in collaboration with a winemaker. Wine culture starts with cultivation of the landscape by the winemaker.

Two elements have a particular architectural effect: the terrace made of Bangkirai wood with a warm, reddish-brown tone, running through the guest area almost like a carpet, and the louvre ceiling in brushed Douglas pine, defining the space and under which guests can make themselves comfortable.

The colour scheme corresponds with colours already found in nature, arising with the change of seasons, such as fresh green, dark brown earth or snow. There is an atmospheric association with the delicate lilac of wisteria or the warm light of the evening sun perhaps.

Client: Bertran Conrad-Eybesfeld
Floor area:128,98 m²
Planning: Architektin Irmgard Frank
Staff: DI Christoph Haas, DI Claudia Scheyerer,
DI Tilo Perkmann
Start of planning: Dezember 2005
Completion: Dezember 2006