Office remodelling
Vienna 5

The office covers an area of around 600m2 and was realised in two phases because, at the time of planning, there were still two companies and one of them had to move in quickly. The starting point was problematic in many respects. The elongated office spaces extend over three sections of the building having differing typologies; classical late nineteenth century (ceiling height 310cm), loft extension and loft-like section with limited ceiling height (270cm). There were and still are two entrances to the respective ends of the office area and the wish was expressed for a meeting room to be placed in the middle of this enfilade of rooms. There were two different office images to accommodate, one being an established public relations agency and the other young and dynamic (Internet marketing etc.), each requiring architectural expression.

Client: The Skills Group
Floor area: ca 600m2
Planning: Architektin Irmgard Frank
Completion: 2002
Photos: Margherita Spiluttini