Mathematik- und Perspektivenstation

Zoom Kindermuseum
Museum district, Vienna

Exhibition entitled »Raum für Raum« [space to space] in the Zoom – Kindermuseum children’s museum

Concept and realisation of exhibition

The »Raum für Raum« exhibition was conceived as a “hands-on” exhibition for children aged between 7 and 12.

Children are confronted by space on different levels. Space should be experienced primarily with the senses. Tactile rooms, listening rooms, aroma rooms, body rooms, rooms that trick the senses, space and proportion, a labyrinth, etc.

Concept: Dr. Claudia Haas and Irmgard Frank
Exhibition area: 520 m²
Concept: September 2000 – May 2001
Planning: Architektin Irmgard Frank
Construction: 2 months
Exhibition period: September 2001 – March 2002
Photo: Pez Hejduk